AW4City Smart City Workshop

AW4City ACM Workshop

AW4city Workshop (Web Applications for Smart Cities: bringing together Government, Businesses and Citizens) main objective is to promote Smart City research results in the context of web applications development. As part of the WWW2015 24th International conference, this workshop is dedicated to open discussions about the most important issues today in terms of smart city methodologies, implementations and practices.

The aim of this workshop is to address web-based application and Apps’ design and development in the smart city and urban context, which is a rapidly emerging domain and suggests a steadily evolving dominant market. Applications of these types are crucial, and can be in the ares of economy, innovation, transparency, mobility, environment, security, health, leisure, living, people and governance while no particular standards define rules for corresponding application development yet. Theoretical concepts, empirical evidence and selected case studies from leading scholars and practitioners in the field showing the “big picture” of smart cities and urban areas will be examined in this workshop.

This workshop aims at gathering researchers from the fields of smart cities and web application development to think about the obstacles that hurdle the leveraging of understanding and capturing of smart city trends with regard web application development that interconnect citizens, businesses and government in a smart city.

We target researchers from both industry and academia to join forces in this exciting area. We intend to discuss the recent and significant developments in the general areas of smart cities and web applications and to promote cross-fertilization of techniques. In particular, we aim at identifying trends and respective applications in smart cities; the potential impact of smart city in web applications; techniques from end-to-end solutions’ or apps’ development that will enable researchers to understand the dynamic phenomena in smart cities, as well as specify important directions for the research communities. Standards for web applications’ development in smart cities is interesting for several areas such as sustainability, crisis management, marketing, security, and interoperability. To address the above mentioned aspects, we solicit the following topics (but not limited to):

  • Theoretical foundations on Smart City web applications;
  • Smart City sustainability and the role of web applications;
  • End-to-end applications for Smart Cities;
  • Smart buildings, smart energy, smart water, smart waste, smart transportation and web applications;
  • Smart health, security, leisure, innovation and governance
  • Creative partnerships and creative industries in Smart City: the role of the WWW and of the Internet-of-things;
  • Standardizing web applications’ development in Smart Cities;
  • The role of e-Government in Smart Cities (i.e., technology push);
  • Web applications for smart communities;
  • Smart City e-service execution with web applications;
  • Ensuring resilience, security and privacy in Smart Cities: the role of web applications;
  • Web Infrastructure architecture in smart cities: Datacenters, Content Delivery Networks, and Cloud Computing;
  • Internet Economics in smart cities: the role of applications;
  • Internet of Things Applications in Smart Cities;
  • Web applications and Business: business transformation and business models;

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